About Maria:

“I have lived in this country for so many years but I am happy to say I have never lost my appetite for good Spanish food. In Casa Maria I make authentic, rustic dishes, not fancy or decorative; only glorious food, cooked with love and drunk with great Spanish wine.” - Maria

Tapas originated in the south of Spain and the word tapa means ‘cover’.

The origin came from a cover of bread or cheese over your glass of wine to stop the fruit flies getting in.

The strength of Spanish cooking lies in careful selection of ingredients, then finding perfect ways of cooking them. I hope you will try our dishes in the cafe, which we make using ingredients from the delicatessen, then try making them yourself.

After all, making a tapa can be as simple as opening a jar or putting some Manchego or Jamon on a plate.

Good wine, good bread, a plate of olives and good company - This is the essence of Spain.